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Background to the remodelling of PenucheldreTo read more about the background to this ambitious scheme, download our booklet 'Penucheldre: The story so far'. You can also learn more by clicking on the headings below.

In September 2008, Cymdeithas Tai Eryri embarked on an ambitious project to redevelop the existing provision for older people on their sheltered accommodation site at Penucheldre, Holyhead.
The old convent site contained the original Penucheldre block (34 flats with the support of a warden), the 25 flats of the Llys Mair block and three bungalows (Tŷ’n Parc), all designated for people over 55 years of age.


There were many challenges for the project team to overcome. For example, design issues – due to the limitations of the site, they had to be certain that 30 residents from the existing accommodation could be relocated (the older of whom was 104 years old at the time). It was also vital that sufficient grant allocation could be secured from the Assembly, and also the team had to get the go-ahead from Cymdeithas Tai Eryri’s Management Board to proceed with the £8.2 million scheme.
There were 2 obvious options: to remodel and add to the existing 34 flat design, or to demolish and re-build. Having weighed up these options it became clear that the only way forward was to proceed with a new, custom-built development on the site.


Due to the need to relocate existing tenants, the project was split into 2 phases. In January 2010, nine tenants were relocated to general Cymdeithas Tai Eryri flats at Yr Hen Iard Goed and others to Council properties. Following the completion of phase 1, the 16 remaining tenants moved straight in to their flats at the new development in March 2011. Phase 2 was completed at the end of Summer 2012, and this consisted of a further 38 flats (to make a total of 54) and all communal areas.

The process of consulting with tenants was of utmost importance and was a focal point of the whole project.


During December 2008, the Cymdeithas Tai Eryri team visited each Penucheldre and Llys Mair tenant separately to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of existing accommodation provision, as well as their hopes for the future.

An in-depth consultation was held with tenants and their families on the subject of relocation, in order to ensure that we could respond to any concerns they may have. Monthly meetings were held with all tenants, and the residents’ representatives were given an opportunity to meet with the project team and the builders during each site meeting. Special meetings were organised to discuss specific matters such as landscaping and interior design, each tenant received a quarterly newsletter and a number of FAQ sheets were distributed.

Cymdeithas Tai Eryri’s aim was to provide new options for older people in Holyhead. Because “Extra Care” provision was a fairly new concept, it was decided that the project messaging would promote the benefits of the scheme: ‘Independence, Community and Support’.

Today, Penucheldre offers modern, independent and sustainable accommodation to people over 60 with community facilities and flexible care service where needed.

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The modern flats have 1 or 2 bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom with level access shower, a kitchen, lounge and either a patio or balcony. Several tenure options are offered.

Importantly, Penucheldre provides people with an opportunity to socialise and take part in many activities. The communal area is located at the heart of the building and contains a restaurant, lounge, hobbies rooms, a fitness room, laundry and hair salon. Non-residents are welcome to join Clwb Pen Llys so that they too can join in the many social activities that are on offer. These range from healthy living sessions to fitness classes to workshops on anything from crafts and hobbies to IT.



The very high security standards is one of the benefits of the scheme, therefore access to the residential parts of the building is restricted, but the communal areas (shown above in yellow) have been situated carefully so that they can be accessed by the public who want to take part in these activities.

The whole site has been designed for wheelchair users and all flats could easily be adapted if needed. We are currently working with the Council to ensure that a care plan can be provided for all individuals, when or if it is needed.

This is the first time that Cymdeithas Tai Eryri has included social clauses within a construction contract, in order to maximise the local economic benefit. This meant that the construction company was obliged to offer 4 trainee placements as well as 2 apprenticeships – and that the project team would be monitoring the use of local labour and suppliers.

A total of 0.25% of the construction contract value (which came to about £17,000) was transferred to a community investment fund. The money was distributed to various organisations in Holyhead including providing play facilities for Kingsland School, a contribution towards spotlights for the football club and resources for a Communities First allotment.

It was also possible to maximise economic benefits by offering local businesses and social enterprises opportunities to run the restaurant and to provide hairdressing services.

Compliant with the high BREEAM standards that formed part of the grant agreement, the building has many sustainability features. Solar panels worth over £130,000 have been installed on the roof, which generate electricity for the residents as well as income for Cymdeithas Tai Eryri through tariff payments. The toilets and sprinklers are linked to a rainwater recycling system and central boilers provide heating and hot water for the new building as well as the nearby Llys Mair flats.
Grŵp Cynefin was formed in April 2014 by the coming together of Tai Clwyd and Tai Eryri. Both associations had more than 70 years’ combined experience of delivering affordable housing and developing communities across north Wales.

We provide over 4,500 homes including social housing for rent, intermediate rental and specialist accommodation for persons with support needs. Other community services within the group include Care & Repair agencies, Rural Housing Enablers and support services for vulnerable people. The group as a whole employs more than 200 people.

Everything we do is about making a difference and more than just housing.

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